Photo credit: Jonn Herschend (right), Kristin Lucas (left).

Traveling Together (detail), 2009, digital photo tapestries

Deadpan Exchange is a series of exhibitions in which artists respond to artworks produced for previous Deadpan Exchange exhibitions. Part IV: of the series was curated by Jonn Herschend (USA), and Heidi Hove (DK) and presented at K2 in Izmir, Turkey in Spring 2009.

A response to a photo that exhibition curator Jonn Herschend took of Jens Axel Beck (DK) while he was installing his artwork for an earlier exhibition in the Deadpan exchange series (The Lab, San Francisco). Although she had attended the exhibition, she had not met Jens. Despite the physical distance that separated Lucas and Brand, she chose became obsessed with finding a way to travel together with Brand to Izmir, at least in spirit. Lucas created a parallel photo to Herschend's photo. Both images (top right) were digitally printed onto large tapestries, like magic carpets, and exhibited as throws in Izmir (bottom right).

Pictured: one of two tapestries; Photo credit: Jonn Herschend.