Detail of Studio Backup: 1 of 5,000 Hard Copies, Art Lies, Fall issue 2010

Studio Backup: 1 of 5,000 Hard Copies, 2010, Visual Space Project for Art Lies

A six-page spread within Art Lies magazine to mark to the magazine's transition from a print publication to an online publication in the last issue of the printed magazine. Contributors were to investigate the possibilities and problems of web/online/digital media. Pictured above left to right, the first spread is a photographic document of Lucas's studio. The second spread is a patchwork of barcodes found on physical objects in her studio, with the addition of six QR 2d barcodes that Lucas integrated as gateways to sounds and other details within her studio space. The QR barcodes become interactive with the use of a free downloadable application that turns a mobile cameraphone into a barcode scanner. The third spread is an inventory all of the contents in Lucas's studio listed alphabetically. An excerpt from spread three follows.