Installation (detail), 1997, sound installation, cd playing on repeat, 5 minute duration

Thundergulch, Silicon Alley, New York City.

Installation (detail) is a sound installation that covered the office walls of Thundergulch office gallery. The patterns on the wall are derivative of constellations (Orion, Cancer, Gemini, etc.) and circuit board patterns with speakers as their components. The sounds are an orchestration of cell phones, beepers, fax/modem transmissions, television and radio, and recited internet chatroom texts. The various sounds fade in and out as they travel through this virtual mapping of the electronic dream. Through this process, I expose the romantic (Western) vision of applying new technologies to uncharted territories, such as the internet. The sounds are hypnotic and disorienting pulling one back and forth between the fiction and reality.

Production assistance for the audio portion of Installation (detail) was provided by Harvestworks through the 1997 New Works Residency Program.