FLARMINGOS, augmented reality iPhone app, 2018
Dance with flARmingos, augmented / mixed reality experience, 2017
Flamingo, Motion Study, generative digital video, 2017
Greater Flamingo, Marching, generative digital video, 2017
Greater Flamingo, Marching, laser beam animation, 2017
Greater Flamingo, Head Flagging, animating neon sign, 2017
Flarmingos Flocking, augmented reality screen recording, 2017
Elephant In Room, augmented reality, 2017
Goodbyes, augmented reality, 2017
Dance with flARmingos, augmented reality sculpture park, 2015-2016
Telepresence Robot Catering, performance, 2016
GlamoURLs, net art Wearables, 2016
Space Primate Tribute, augmented reality, 2016
Sole Soaker, virtual environment, 2015
Sick Waves, video animation, 2015
Air on the Go, video installation, 2014-2016
Tablet Tumblers, mobile media sculpture, 2015
Weird Object, performance with app, 2014
Refresh Cold Reads, participatory performance, 2010-13
Refresh Archive (in progress), project archive, 2013
ETC Mix (Summer of 2011), video, 2013
File Boxes, sculpture, 2013
Binocular Table, sculpture, 2013
Moment to Moment, animated GIFs, 2013
Durational Aesthetics, performance with app, 2012
The Sole Ripper, digital book, 2012
Yard Sale in the Sky, Austin, augmented reality, 2011-2012
Virtual Cat Adoption, augmented reality, 2011
Everyone Loves My Cocoa Krispies, networked performance, 2011
Video Check Out, participatory installation, 2010
Background Story, video, 2010
Barcode Cinema, locative media, 2010
Studio Backup: 1 of 5,000 Hard Copies, magazine spread, 2010
Identity Swap, Seven on Seven, 2010
Versionhood blog, 2008
More Melting, sculpture, 2008-11
Traveling Together, digtial tapestries, 2009
Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive, video, 2008
Search for the Outside, participatory project, 2008
Show #14, And/Or Gallery, 2008
Refresh, courtroom intervention, 2007
Comets, sculpture, 2007
If Then End Else If, Postmasters Gallery, 2007
Travel Advisory, Slower Faster, Seasonal Fruit, duratrans photographs, 2007
Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive, video installation, 2007
Pyrotechnic Ghost, video animation, 2007
Independent Media Virus, performance, 2006
If Lost Then Found, Or Gallery, 2006
Meditation on The Possibilities that Seem Hopeless in Every Rotation, shockwave animation installation, 2006
Dry Run, Exploratorium, participatory performance, 2005
Letters to Shareholders: Erasures, inkjet prints, 2005
Magic Eyes Cream Headache Sandwich, video installation, 2005
Lower East Side Bike Drum Roll, video, 2004-05
Lo-Fi Green Sigh, video, 2004
Smaller and Easier to Handle, video, 2003
Celebrations for Breaking Routine, video, 2003
5 Minute Break, video, 2001
The Electric Donut, New Museum, video installation with game art, 2001
Temporary Housing for the Despondant Virtual Citizen, O.K Contemporary Arts Upper Austa, video installation with game art, 2000, 2001
Involuntary Reception, video installation, 2000
Between a Rock and a Hard Drive, project for the web, 1998-present
Simulcast, performance, 1998-2002
Installation (detail), sound installation, 1997
Host, video, 1997
Watch Out for Invisible Ghosts, video, 1996
Cable Xcess, video, 1996

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And/Or Gallery, Los Angeles
Postmasters Gallery, New York
Video Distribution: Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York
Contact: kristinlucas at gmail dot com